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Sell tickets online and pay what you want

Pay what you want.

Picatic is a solution for event planners to create, promote, sell tickets, and manage events online at a cost determined by you. While other ticketing companies gouge event planners with fees, our mission is to help you host successful events. With no hidden fees to you or your ticket buyers, the price you pay for our service is completely up to you.

We know, we know…what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. We call it FairPay. If you love the service you receive from us we’d truly appreciate your support! If you wish to pay nothing, our service is free for you to use.

Our Mission

Our passion is to go against conventional practices. Our aim is to partner and invest in event organizers to create successful events. We strive to create a community of empowered organizers with our ticketing and crowdfunding platform.

How do I sell tickets online?

Easily collect payment using our in-house merchant account or get direct access to your funds with Stripe. Global Payments and Stripe credit card fees apply. Anything you choose to pay us however, is up to you!

Events selling tickets in the Euro or Pound must use Stripe.

Sell tickets online with global payments

2.9% per transaction
Payout by cheque 5 days post event
No setup required

Sell tickets online with Stripe

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Access to funds
Setup your Stripe account

FairPay Example

Try our interactive example to see how pay what you want works.

Ticket Sales


Credit card fees


Total profit


Pay What You Want



When do I get paid?

When using Global Payments, Picatic will issue a cheque for your event 5 business days after your event date.
With Stripe, you will receive your funds instantly, as successful transactions are made.

Picatic helps people organize successful events.

Start creating your event risk-free.

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