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Ness Creek Music Festival Ness Creek, SK Canada

What is Picatic?

Picatic is a free online ticketing and registration platform that empowers event
organizers to run more successful events by removing unnecessary service fees.

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What are others saying about Picatic?

“Now Picatic is removing another barrier to using its platform for events or ticketing by getting rid of fees that it charges event organizers and allowing them to pay what they want.” Read More
Yahoo! Finance
“With Picatic’s crowdfunding event organizers can finally host events without worrying that they won’t sell enough tickets to break-even or make the profit they expected.” Read More
“Online ticketing startup, Picatic, brings the crowdfunding model to events thereby removing some of the financial risk for promoters, artists and venue-owners.” Read More
“The other noteworthy thing about Picatic, who recently expanded to markets in the UK and Europe, is that their pricing is – and i hope you're sitting down for this – pay-what-you-can.” Read More

Who is Picatic?

We’re a cross-functional team with more than 25 years of combined experience in the event space.

  • Jayesh Parmar

    CEO, Co-founder

  • Robbie Simpson

    2nd Lt. of Marketing

  • Brett Ede

    CMO, Co-founder

  • Jon Friesen

    Frontend Engineer

  • James Sapara

    CTO, Co-founder

  • Tatiana Nosova

    Event Coordinator

Where is Picatic?

Our head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.


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Download Press Kit
.zip format (9.3MB)

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