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Pay what you want.

With Picatic there are no hidden fees. The price you pay for our service is completely up to you. No gimmicks, no hooks.

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Raise money for your event.

Eliminate 100% of the risk with event funding. Set a funding goal and a deadline to raise money for your event. Funding on Picatic is all-or-nothing – an event must reach its funding goal to receive any money.

Raise money for your online event page

Up-to-date sales reports.

Get a quick and informative snapshot of the ticket sales for your event. The sales report comes directly to your email address daily, weekly, or monthly.

Up to date online event page sales reports

Sell tickets from anywhere.

Sell tickets directly from your company or personal website with our embedded ticket widget.

Sell tickets on an online event page

Social Integrations

With a built in Facebook plugin, LinkedIn and Google+ shareability, and the ability to create a Twitter hashtag to follow your event online, we have the tools you need to promote your event

More great features.

Picatic also includes these features for all event organizers.



Link your Stripe account to your Picatic event page and get access to your funds as they come in.


Promo Codes

Offer discounts to your attendees and restrict access to hidden tickets on your event page.

Email Invites

Send email invites to prospective ticket buyers or send reminders to confirmed attendees.


Event Analytics

Access an in-depth real time analytics report that tracks and graphs page views and tickets sold.

Guest Surveys

Create a survey question and track the results in the back end of your Picatic account. Find out your guests’ dietary restrictions, T-shirt size, etc.


Not everyone is ready to use their credit card online. Don’t lose out on these valuable sales with our invoice option.


iPhone App

Our free-to-download app allows event organizers and promoters to scan attendees’ tickets from their iPhones or iPads.


Private beta version available. Email for more information.

Picatic helps people organize successful events.

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